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  • Preparations for Video Verification:

    1. Please make sure that at least 2 of your clear photos are “Approved”!99 Screenshot Center is an online community for users to upload and store in-game screenshots that they wish to showcase to and share with other users.

    2. Please make sure that we can leave messages to you or add you as friend without having to enter the password, or we’ll be unable to contact you!

    3. Please get the basic devices like the camera ready before the video verification.


    1. After logging in, click “Upload Pictures” on the right side of the homepage to upload a photo of you, and fill in the related info!

    2. Repeat the previous step till you successfully upload two photos of you, and complete the above preparations.

    3. After logging in, click “Video Verify List” under “Interactions” in the navigation bar, enter the corresponding page, and click “Make Video Verify” on the right side. After providing the related info, please wait! The official staff will contact you as soon as possible. Official MSN: album91@tqdigital.com

    4. Should our official staff not contact you within 5 working days, please refer to Preparations for Video Verification, and submit the application for video verification again after making corresponding modifications.

    5. Please get the camera ready after being contacted by our official staff, and have a video chat with the official staff on MSN at the agreed time.

    6. After you are proved to be the real you, you’ll receive the corresponding points and verification mark.

    PS: After passing the verification, never delete the two adopted photos, otherwise your verification may get invalid or your account may be banned.