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  • 1. How to make an album? How to upload pictures in the album?

    Firstly, you should enter the manage center, and click the "Build an Album".

    Then you will see the pop up box. In the box, you can select the screenshot or the photo, and you should fill in the album name and the description. Done, the album has been bulit, and you can see it in the Screenshot Album or Photo Album.

    Now you can uploads your pictures to the album you built. Click the upload bottom, and choose the album you want to upload. Done, the picture you upload is in the album. And if you want to change the picture from one album to another, you can edit the picture and choose the another album you want to upload.

  • 2. What is "Hot Album"? And how can I show in hot album?

    You can see hot albums contain more than 10 pictures here. If you want to show your albums here, you can build your albums in your management center, and upload more than 10 pictures in the albums, and then your albums will show in hot album board.